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New Headshot

I am super excited for tomorrow morning.

My friend, and amazing photographer, Paul Giunta

is coming over early to take some family photos for us. As of right now – this is the best family photo we have. I think we can do better.

While he’s here, we’re going to try to get a good solo shot of me to use as my new writer’s headshot. The one I’m using now (check out my bio page

, or any of my social media) was taken when I was pregnant. If you look close you can tell that I’m leaning over to camouflage the belly. It’s been a fine filler, but I want a really great headshot. Something I would be proud to put on the cover of a book.

I guess I need to get busy looking at some examples. I’m sure it’ll be a lot easier to get something fantastic if I can tell Paul what I think fantastic is.

ps- don’t forget that anyone who leaves a comment between now and the end of the month will be automatically entered to win a $20 gift card to Amazon (my way of celebrating the redesign of the site). I’m sure you can think of something to say…


  1. Sharon
    Oct 21, 2011

    the site looks great…congratulations!

  2. Aunt Suzann
    Oct 21, 2011

    Love the background of this new site and I am looking forward to see a new family picture. Keep us posted!

  3. Kelly
    Oct 24, 2011

    If the person who did your site for you made a comment would she be eligible for the drawing? Hmm? ;-)


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