Quitting Facebook

After some considerable contemplation, I have decided to close my Facebook account.

My frustration began when I was encouraged to start a separate page to promote my writing. The message was that business should be kept separate from personal, and that made sense to me, but I quickly realized that nobody saw the posts I put up on my business page – unless I paid.

Okay, fine, so I paid, but I didn’t like the idea of advertising. I just wanted to share. My blog is free to read and I don’t post advertising on it, so having to pay advertising fees to promote it created a significant imbalance.

Then all the privacy concerns. As I write this, Zuckerberg is giving his second day of testimony to a grand jury. Frankly, I don’t like what I’m hearing.

So I’m closing my account.

You can still find me on Instagram and Twitter, and by far my favorite way to connect is over coffee. Contact me, old-school style, and let’s get together.