I Ran A 5K!

I ran my first 5K yesterday! I’ve been running with a couple of friends on Thursday nights at the community “fun run” hosted by A Runner’s Circle in Los Feliz, and they invited me to join their group and run the Griffith Park Half Marathon and 5K with them (we all ran the 5K).

Race day 5K

It was super fun, aside from the fact that I was sick all last week, and still wheezing a bit on race day. I ran the whole thing, at about a 10:40 pace, and made a couple new friends. My old gym teacher, who flunked me EVERY DAMN TIME we had to try to run a 10 minute mile, would be (kinda) proud.

It’s all part of my plan to work up to running the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon on my birthday this year in May. My bestie and I are training together, which is tricky when you live 300 miles apart. Basically we text each other after each training run to talk a little smack (and sometimes even encourage each other).

Next up: a 10K on Easter weekend. We’re meeting in Santa Cruz for that one. If you’d told the pudgy, seventh-grade me that I would ever run for fun, I would never have believed you, but it’s true. I’m loving it.

In other news, we got a counter-offer on the house. It would seem that we’re in competition with one other family. We went and looked at it again today (still perfect), and are putting in our counter-counter tomorrow. This process is surprisingly nerve-jangling. Fingers still crossed.

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