About the Blog

A teacher once told me that the difference between a published writer and an unpublished writer is that the published writer never gave up.

I refuse to give up. I’ve been working on my first novel for going on eight years, and one of the hardest things I come up against is the isolation that so often comes with writing. I have learned, over the years, that having a community committed to persevering isn’t just a nice thing to have. It’s critical. And that’s why I blog.

This blog has proven, time and again, to be an anchor for my own literary community, both online and IRL. As a writer in Los Angeles, I haven’t found any outlet that is focused on the literary scene here. There is likewise no voice that is celebrating the literary voices of Southern California. In fact, the only time the literary culture of Southern California even gets mentioned in the media is when New York writers decide, once again, to bash it. Haters.

Thankfully, changes are afoot. There are so many excellent writers in Los Angeles. What we need now is a single venue that aggregates all of this information, along with tips on writing, thoughts on craft, and opportunities for networking. That’s what I’m working to provide by growing a community of writers both online and in real life.

It’s a little selfish, yes, because the people I meet through blogging, and IRL as a result of the April Davila blog, inspire me to keep writing, but my sincere hope is that others will find community and inspiration too.

You can find information on my affiliations on the FAQ page.