Writing My Synopsis

I need to write a synopsis for my novel. Everyone always says that, as a writer, you should have a synopsis for your novel. I’ve been meaning to do it for months now. I have a great elevator pitch for the story. I can talk about it to anyone who asks without batting an eyelash, but actually writing out the synopsis? For some reason the task has me paralyzed.

I just don’t want to. I don’t want to so much that I am actually working on the novel to avoid writing the synopsis of the novel, which, ultimately, I guess, is pretty good procrastination. Still, it needs to be done.

I’ve dedicated a whole page of my website to these few paragraphs that have yet to be written. Up there at the left top: “The Feathered Tale.” I will admit – the statement on that page is a total lie. I’m not in the process of revising the synopsis. The damn thing doesn’t exist yet.

I think this all has to do with the intense anxiety I’m experiencing as I draw near to finishing the book. I’m anxious about not having enough time to work on it. I’m anxious that any day now, some other, more talented writer will publish a book about a down-on-her-luck ostrich farmer. I’m anxious that the story will never be done. I’m anxious that it will be done soon and then I’ll have to figure out how to get the damn thing out into the world. I’m anxious about all the stories I’m not writing while I’m struggling to finish this one. You name it – I’m tying myself in knots over it.

And all this anxiety just drives me to drink, which I’m okay with, really, but it doesn’t help me write my damn synopsis.

So anyway, yeah. Synopsis. One of these days.

If any writers out there have any words of wisdom on this one – I could use the help.

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