Goals For 2011

Yes, I know it’s February. Not even early Febraury, but what can I say I’ve been distracted. Better late than never I say. And so I’m thinking about my goals for 2011.

I have a few. 1) No more hospitals. For various reasons the last two years have had me in and out of waiting rooms and beds with call buttons, and I can honestly say I never need to eat another hospital meal as long as I live. 2) Increase my freelance income. This is a goal I set every year, as it seems that any professional should see an increase in income over the course of his or her career, and 3) Finish this novel!

As I mentioned, I feel I’m getting close, so I’ve set some concrete goals to get me across the finish line this year. Here there are:
I will finish this draft by my birthday (May 7)
While my reading group and husband read it over I will do yoga and cleanse my brain for the upcoming rewrites (just kidding, I’ll probably just devour the latest book in the Twilight series).
On June 1, I will start the official third draft, then send it out for another round of readings at the beginning of September.
I will collect notes in September, then work on revisions for the remainder of the year.
Come January I will send it to my agent.

To stay on track I have about 9 weeks to finish this draft. Since I’m past the point of just busting out pages, I can’t set a page per day goal, I’m just going to have to keep plugging away at it.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that things always take longer then you think they will (this is true in hospitals AND in writing), so I hereby vow not to slack off and procrastinate.

The end is sight.

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