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I’m Taking A Few Weeks For The Fam

Hello wonderful readers.

If you’ve been following along you know I’ve been kind of stressed by life lately. Sadly, knowing that my blog is sitting here waiting for me to post only adds to my stress. So I’m taking a short hiatus. It’s time right now for me to focus on my family.

I plan to get back to it around mid July. If you’d like to know when I’m back at it you can “like” my writer page on Facebook, I’ll post a little heads up there when the time comes.

A big thanks to all the supportive notes I’ve received. You guys are the best.


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Keep On Keepin’ On

Instead of writing this morning, I nursed, then made a bottle and spent about forty minutes trying to get the (too) little guy to eat more, then I pumped (yeah!) and then while he napped I called to get test results on his liver functions (not in yet), and find a pediatric cardiologist. Yes. The fun just doesn’t stop around here.

Not only is he too small for his age, but he seems to have developed a heart murmur. The doc said that with most kids it’s no big deal, but given that he’s had all these other troubles, it would be best to have it checked out. She also said that I need to get him to drink 8-10 ounces more a day, but armed as he is with his new teeth, he just clenches his jaw and won’t even let me put the bottle in his mouth. So I squirted the milk, drop by drop, into his cheek, at which point he let most of it roll down his chin (wasted breast milk actually IS worth crying over), but I’m optimistic that he swallowed an ounce or so. He’s just not hungry. I get it, but he needs to eat more.

So I’m feeling stressed. I’m managing to do the work that must be done, but everything that isn’t time sensitive is languishing, due to my complete lack of focus. In my head I keep looking forward in time for the inkling of a reprieve, but there simply is none. I’ll just keep on keeping on, and hope that some day I’ll once again have time to do some real writing.

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He’s Little, But Sooooo Cute

I had to take the little guy in for more blood tests on Wednesday. I feel like I’ve said this before, but hopefully that will be the last time. I should get the results today, and if his liver enzymes are doing what they’re supposed to, we should be all done with that business.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find someone in San Francisco who’s qualified to stick a five month old baby with needles and hold him down while his blood is collected drop by drop and he screams his beautiful little head off. It’s a fucking awful experience, made all the worse by the fact that I had to work so hard to even find a place that would do it.

The whole thing made me grumpy. And if one more person says “ahhh, how cute – what is he, two months?” They might get slapped.

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Confessions Of A Tech Nerd

It was only about four years ago that I didn’t blog, didn’t have a website, and assumed that tweeting was something you did late in the evening, usually at a club. Then a friend (Brian McGakin – whose book, “Broetry,” is coming out any day now) convinced me that setting up a blog might be worth while, so I did, and I loved it immediately.

As I stepped further and further into the world of social media I was reminded every bit of the way of a line in “Fight Club,” where Ed Norton’s character says “No matter what happens in life, I’ve go that couch thing taken care of.”

I thought, every time I embraced a new social media tool, that I was finally done. And this attitude held for a long time, but something happened this weekend that made me realize how I’ve changed.

I read an article in the newspaper (I was at my in-laws house – they still get a real daily periodical, and I love browsing it), about a new iPhone app and I ran for my phone to download it. I then spent a few hours playing with it, and then it hit me – I love this stuff.

I love Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, and all the many, many apps I have on my phone. I’ve written blogs on all kinds of platforms, and attended seminars on how to make the most of social media. I read articles about it. I think about it in the shower. I can’t wait for the next cool thing.

And here I thought Daniel was the official family nerd.
Step aside, my love. 
Step aside.

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