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Vacation Reading

I’ve been in Spain this past week, on vacation with the family. We stayed at a hotel with a big fat pool. Despite the rich history of the area, the ancient castles and even a day trip to Gibraltar, the pool was my daughter’s favorite part.

Of course, it’s never been hard to get me to the pool either. I love swimming. The other thing I love, love, love about the pool is seeing what people are reading. There was one book I saw called “Loose Girl.” The subtitle ran “Some girl’s were anorexic, some chose drugs and alcohol, I chose sex.” Juicy. The woman reading it didn’t put it down all day, so I’m very curious.

Though a lot of the covers I saw were in languages I didn’t understand, I was still excited to see so many people reading. Whoever thinks nobody reads anymore should visit a crowded pool for reassurance – people read.

I devoured two books myself. The first was “Eat, Pray, Love,” which I thoroughly enjoyed. The second was “The Space Between Trees,” the new debut novel by my friend Katie Williams. It was a great read.

I’d love to know what folks out there are soaking up this summer. What’s on your list? Any surprises – good or bad?

On Monday I start my two week adventure at the Skidmore Summer Writer’s Program. Two whole weeks of nothing but working on my novel/fiction. I’m very excited about it. Stay tuned.